about SimEd.

We are using techniques from the field of multi agent simulation to demonstrate effects in education of interactions between students, teachers and administrators, and the pedagogical and economic policy decisions that reach the classroom. Multi agent simulation is a powerful methodology for modelling and analyzing this kind of highly complex and dynamic social system.

Our work divides the broad education domain into three integrated levels: school district, schoolhouse and classroom. At each level, we are constructing models and building tools to allow educators and education policy makers to experiment in simulation.

Encompassing advice from education researchers, psychologists and sociologists, the SimEd team is developing comprehensive models and tools that demonstrate how changes in parameters at each level can ultimately effect student learning.

The SimEd project began in September 2002. SimEd was funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) until December 2007, under #ITR-02-19347, #DRL-03-31744, #ITR-05-52294, and #DRL-#06-29238. The PI is Prof Elizabeth Sklar, of the Computer and Information Science Department at Brooklyn College, City University of New York.