welcome to the SimEd home page.

using multi agent simulation to examine education on multiple levels, from the classroom to the board-of-ed room

Imagine having a simulation environment in which you could examine the types of values we are measuring in education (e.g., test scores, dollars per student) and the types of policies that are made based on them (e.g., No Child Left Behind, School Vouchers). Imagine being able to pose "what if" questions based on these measurements in order to try and predict what kinds of effects these policies may have on our children, before they are actually implemented.

We are constructing models of student and teacher behavior, measuring "learning" in an abstract sense and taking into consideration factors such as motivation, emotional state and ability (on both the part of the student and the teacher).

While our methods necessitate computational abstraction of human characteristics into tractable quantities, the overall purpose is to provide a methodology and environment for experimention and evaluation in simulation -- before making lasting policy decisions that effect our children's lives.

SimEd was funded by the National Science Foundation from 2002-2007.