Educational Robotics Repository @ Brooklyn College

 This page contains links to our software resources. The information is divided into the following sections: software for Surveyor and our uiversal robot platform RoboLite software

Surveyor robot software

Surveyor Robot software is developed by John Cummins at agents lab of Brooklyn College with assistance from
M. Q. Azhar, and supervision from Professor Sklar . It is released under the Copyleft provision.

Download the zip file to your computer by clicking on the "Download software" link below. Unzip it and then see the ReadMe in the file for detailed instructions on how to install, compile, and run the code.

We have used the above software to program the Surveyor robot in our CIS1.5: Introduction to programming using C++(robotics application) course (equivalant to CS1) at Brooklyn College.


RoboLite software is a graphical programming interface for multiple robots developed by M. Q. Azhar at agents lab of Brooklyn College with supervision from Professor Sklar .

Beta Release: TBA


last updated: 3-may-2008/azhar