We are currently using, and collaborating on the development of, three pieces of software for auction simulation.


JCAT is a simulator, written in Java, designed and built to support the Trading Agent Competition Market Design Game. In essence, JCAT provides the means to set up multiple competing continuous double auction markets, and traders that move between them.

An initial version of JCAT will be released under an open-source licence at the end of November.


JASA is a high-performance auction simulator, written in Java, that implements a variety of auction mechanisms and agent bidding strategies. It is intended to be easily extensible, and one aim behind its development is to provide reference implmentations of all commonly used bidding strategies.

JASA is available under an open-source licence.


CMAS is flexible auction simulator written in Lisp. It is less powerful than JASA, but was developed to provide a high degree of parameterisation, allowing many different simulations to be run. It also (at the cost of performance) allows a detailed view of the internal machanics of the auction.

CMAS is not currently available, but we plan to release it under an open-source licence in the future.