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Proceedings of the Second Annual Conference of the International Technology Alliance in Network and Information Science

ACITA 2008, Imperial College London, September 16-18 2008


The full proceedings in PDF format can be found here, and all posters available at the time of printing can be found in the "posters" folder on this disc.


Session 1.1
Page 10       P. R. Smart, D. Mott, E. Gentle, D. Braines, W. Sieck, S. E. Poltrock, P. Houghton, A. Preece, M. S. Nixon, M. Strub, D. Roberts, D. C. Verma and N. R. Shadbolt, “Holistan Revisited: Demonstrating Agent- and Knowledge-Based Capabilities for Future Coalition Military Operations”
Page 18 A. Preece, M. Jackson, G. Pearson and T. Pham, “Sensor-Mission Assignment: A Scenario-Driven Walkthrough”
Page 25 D. Verma, T. Brown, A. Bar-Noy, L. Kaplan and M. S. Nixon, “The Green Zone Protection Problem”
Page 31 M. Johnson, H. Rowaihy, D. Pizzocaro, A. Bar-Noy, S. Chalmers, T. F. La Porta and A. Preece, “Frugal Sensor Assignment”

Session 1.2
Page 39 R. Gennaro, S. Halevi, H. Krawczyk and T. Rabin, “Threshold RSA for Dynamic and Ad-Hoc Groups”
Page 47 S. Balfe, K. G. Paterson, P. Rohatgi and M. Srivatsa, “Securing Information Flows With Trust-based Encryption”
Page 54 M. Srivatsa, P. Rohatgi, S. Balfe and K. G. Patterson, “An Economic Model for Securing Cross-Domain Information Flows”

Session 1.3
Page 62 V. Manfredi, R. Hancock and J. Kurose, “Robust Routing in Dynamic MANETs”
Page 70 E. Bulut, Z. Wang and B. K. Szymanski, “Minimizing Average Spraying Cost for Routing in Delay Tolerant Networks”
Page 78 C.-K. Chau, J. Crowcroft, K.-W. Lee and S. H. Y. Wong, “Inter-Domain Routing for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks”
Page 85 H. Zhao, C.-K. Chau and S. M. Bellovin, “ROFL: Routing as the Firewall Layer”

Session 2.1
Page 93 J. A. Allen, D. Mott, A. Bahrami, J. Yuan, C. Giammanco and J. Patel, “A Framework for Supporting Human Military Planning”
Page 100 C. Burnett, D. Masato, M. McCallum, T. J. Norman, J. Giampapa, M. J. Kollingbaum and K. Sycara, “Agent Support for Mission Planning Under Policy Constraints”
Page 108 A. Bahrami, J. Yuan, D. Mott. C. D. Emele, D. Masato and T. J. Norman, “Collaborative, Context- Aware and Chain of Command Sensitive Planning”

Session 2.2
Page 115 D. C. Verma, B.-J. Ko, P. Zerfos, K.-W. Lee, M. Duggan, K. Stewart, B. Rivera and A. Swami, “Understanding the Quality of Management in Computer Networks”
Page 123 A. D. McDonald, J. Crowcroft and M. Srivatsa, “Security across Disparate Management Domains in MANETs”
Page 131 Y.-E. Lu, F. Wicker, Y.-C. Chen, P. Liò and D. Towsley, “On Secure Network Structures in the Lakehurst Trace”

Session 2.3
Page 138 K.-W. Lee, V. Pappas, A. Tantawi and C.-K. Chau, “Enabling Accurate Node Control in Randomized Duty Cycling Networks”
Page 146 Y. Alayev, A. Bar-Noy and T. F. La Porta, “Energy Conservation vs. Efficiency in Info-Page Broadcasting to Sensors”
Page 152 P. Basu and C.-K. Chau, “Opportunistic Forwarding in Wireless Networks with Duty Cycling”

Session 3.1
Page 160 S. Parsons, S. E. Poltrock, H. Bowyer and Y. Tang, “Analysis of a Recorded Team Coordination Dialogue”
Page 167 S. Poteet, J. Patel, C. Giammanco, I. Whiteley, P. Xue and A. Kao, “Words Are Mightier Than Swords ... and Yet Miscommunication Costs Lives!”
Page 174 Y. Tang, T. J. Norman and S. Parsons, “Agent-based Dialogues to Support Plan Execution by Human Teams”

Session 3.2
Page 182 S. Zahedi, M. B. Srivastava and C. Bisdikian, “A Framework for Quality of Information Analysis for Detection-oriented Sensor Network Deployments”
Page 190 B. Guo, M. S. Nixon and T. Damarla, “Acoustic Information Fusion for Ground Vehicle Classification”
Page 197 D. Gillies, D. J. Thornley and C. Bisdikian, “Using Probabilistic Inference to Estimate the Quality of Information in Military Sensor Networks”

Session 3.3
Page 203 Z. Ding, K. K. Leung, D. L. Goeckel and D. Towsley, “A Novel Relay Assisted Cooperative Transmission Protocol for Wireless Multiple Access Systems”
Page 209 K. Hardwick, D. Goeckel, D. Towsley, K. K. Leung and Z. Ding, “Antenna Beam Pattern Model for Cooperative Ad-Hoc Networks”
Page 217 Z. Ding and K. K. Leung, “On the Design of Opportunistic Decode-Forward Cooperative Transmission Protocol”

Session 4.1
Page 223 D. Braines, Y. Kalfoglou, P. Smart, J. Bao, N. Shadbolt and J. Hendler, “Semantic Web techniques to support interoperability in distributed network environments”
Page 231 S. E. Poltrock, M. Handel, H. Bowyer and P. Waggett, “A Dynamic Model of Mission Context”
Page 238 G. Bent, P. Dantressangle, D. Vyvyan, A. Mowshowitz and V. Mitsou, “A Dynamic Distributed Federated Database”

Session 4.2
Page 245 J. Karat, W. Sieck, T. J. Norman, C.-M. Karat, C. Brodie, L. Rasmussen and K. Sycara, “A Framework for Culturally Adaptive Policy Management in Ad Hoc Collaborative Contexts”
Page 253 Y. T. Lim, P. C. Cheng, J. A. Clark and P. Rohatgi, “Policy Evolution with Grammatical Evolution”
Page 261 A. Schaeffer-Filho, E. Lupu, M. Sloman, S.-L. Keoh, J. Lobo and S. Calo, “A Role-Based Infrastructure for the Management of Dynamic Communities”

Session 4.3
Page 269 B. Liu, D. Towsley and A. Swami, “On The Data Gathering Capacity of Large Scale Multihop Wireless Networks”
Page 276 R. Khalili, D. L. Goeckel, E. Jones, A Swami and D. Towsley, “Neighbor discovery with reception status feedback”
Page 283 M. Beigi, S.-F. Chang, D. C. Verma and S. Ebadollahi, “Unsupervised Multi-Scale Salient Temporal Outlier Detection”

Page 292 Y. Hou, K. K. Leung, A. Misra and T. F. La Porta “Mission-Based Joint Adaptation of Data Rates and Transmission Power for Multicast Wireless Sensor Networks”
Page 294 M. Szczodrak, S. Zahedi, P. Ji, D. Mylaraswamy, M. Srivastava and R. Young, “Simulation Framework for QoI Characterization of Sensor Networks in the Presence of Faults”
Page 296 A. Fujimura, S. Y. Oh and M. Gerla, “Network Coding vs. Erasure Coding: Reliable Multicast in Ad hoc Networks”
Page 298 E. Gelenbe and L. Hey, “Experimental Insights into Quality of Information”
Page 300 C. M. Lee, V. Pappas, S. Sahu and S. Seshan, “Impact of Coverage on the Performance of Wireless Ad Hoc Networks”
Page 302 L. Yu and A Ephremides, “Improved Energy Efficiency in Sensor Network based Data Fusion for Hypothesis Testing”
Page 304 V. Pappas, D. C. Verma, A. Swami, B. Rivera and Y.-E. Lu, “A Biologically Inspired Architecture for a Self Organizing Computing Network”
Page 306 Z. Wang, E. Bulut and B. K. Szymanski, “Distributed Target Tracking with Imperfect Binary Sensor Networks”
Page 308 Z. Sheng, Z. Ding, K. K. Leung, D. L. Goeckel and D. Towsley, “Error Performance Bounds for Routing Algorithms in Wireless Cooperative Networks”
Page 310 Y. Alayev, A. Bar-Noy, F. Chen, I. Fermin, T. F. La Porta, G. Pearson and T. Pham, “A System Architecture for Filtering and Disseminating Data in Sensors Networks”
Page 312 P. Basu, A. Medina, O. Pikalo and C. Santivanez, “Universal Mobility Modeling for MANETS”
Page 314 S. Eswaran, A. Misra and T. F. La Porta, “Utility-Based Adaptation in Mission-oriented Wireless Sensor Networks”
Page 316 S. Zahedi, M. Szczodrak, P. Ji, D. Mylaraswamy, M. Srivastava and R. Young, “Two-Tier Framework for Sensor Fault Characterization in Sensor Networks”
Page 318 T. He, M. Zafer and C. Bisdikian, “Detecting Transient Signals with Incomplete Observations: Performance Analysis”
Page 320 X. Lu, Y.-C. Chen, P. Liò and D. Towsley, “Modeling Mobility from Military MANET Traces”
Page 322 S. Reidt and S. D. Wolthusen, “Exploiting UAVs’ Capabilities in Tactical MANETS”
Page 324 M. Strub and J. Patel, “The time has come…”
Page 326 D. Pizzocaro, M. P. Johnson, H. Rowaihy, S. Chalmers, A. D. Preece, A. Bar-Noy and T. F. La Porta, “Maximizing Utility of Sensor-Mission Assignment with Uncertain Demands”
Page 328 A. J. Ford and J. Crowcroft, “Applying Policy to Inter-domain MANET Routing in Challenging Environments”
Page 330 N. Sofra, T. He, P. Zerfos, B. J. Ko, K.-W. Lee and K. K. Leung, “Accuracy Analysis of Data Aggregation for Network Monitoring”
Page 332 D. Towsley and A. Twigg, “Rate-optimal decentralized broadcasting: the wireless case”
Page 334 A. J. Ford, S. H. Y. Wong and C.-K. Chau, “Inter- and Intra-Domain Routing Interactions for MANETs”
Page 336 A. Schaeffer-Filho, E. Lupu, M. Sloman, J. Lobo and S. Calo, “Engineering Abstractions for Modelling Interactions between Self-Managed Cells”
Page 338 E. Jones, “Framing the Problem of Creating Ad-Hoc Distributed Antenna Arrays for Cluster Communications”
Page 340 Z. Ding, K. K. Leung, D. L. Goeckel and D. Towsley, “A New Form of Network Coded Cooperative Transmission for Multiple Access Channels”
Page 342 D. Mott and C. Giammanco, “The Use of Rationale in Collaborative Planning”
Page 344 K. Ariyur, T. Schmid, Y. Yi, Z. Charbiwala and M. B. Srivastava, “On the Impact of Time Synchronization on Quality of Information and Network Performance”
Page 346 D. C. Verma, C. W. Wu, T. Brown, A. Bar-Noy, S. Shamoun and M. S. Nixon, “Location Dependent Heuristics for Sensor Coverage Planning”
Page 348 E. Gelenbe and E. C.-H. Ngai, “Adaptive Random Re-Routing in Sensor Networks”
Page 350 S. Balfe and S. Reidt, “Key Deactivation Strategies in MANETs Extended Abstract”
Page 352 J. R. Rabaiotti, H. Chivers, J. A. Clark, P.-C. Cheng, N. Ivanic and S. Balfe, “Reputation Attacks in Mediated and Automated Systems”
Page 354 P.–C. Cheng and P. Rohatgi, “IT Security as Risk Management: A Research Perspective”
Page 356 M. Zafer, B. Ko and I. W.-H. Ho, “Multi-Monitor Estimation of Transmit Power under Wireless Fading”
Page 358 E. Jones, “Creation of a Cooperative Beam Formed Antenna System within a Cluster”
Page 360 A. Mowshowitz, V. Mitsou and G. Bent, “Models of Network Growth by Combination”
Page 362 G. Tichogiorgos, K. K. Leung, A. Misra and T. F. La Porta, “Distributed Network Utility Optimization in Wireless Sensor Networks Using Power Control”
Page 364 P. Ji and M. Szczodrak, “A Multivariate Model for Data Cleansing in Sensor Networks”
Page 366 S. C. Geyik and B. K. Szymanski, “A Grammar Inference Algorithm for Event Recognition in Sensor Networks”
Page 368 E. Bulut, J. Zheng, Z. Wang and B. K. Szymanski, “Analysis of Cost-Quality Tradeoff in Cooperative Ad Hoc Sensor Networks”
Page 370 A. J. Ford, “A Semantic Routing Framework”
Page 372 D. J. Thornley, R. I. Young and J. P. Richardson, “From mission specification to quality of information measures–closing the loop in military sensor networks”
Page 374 E. Jones, “An Ad-Hoc Network Architecture Utilising Cryptography to Provide Multi-Service and Coalition Interoperability”


Steering Committee

Michael Hill-King Imperial College London (General Chair)
Seraphin Calo IBM (US)
Angela Clifford DSTL
Pearl Gendason Army Research Laboratory
Parviz Kermani IBM (US)
Sue Johnson IBM (UK)
Timothy J. Norman University of Aberdeen

Programme Committee

Seraphin Calo IBM (US) (Co-Chair)
Timothy J. Norman University of Aberdeen (Co-Chair)
John Allen Honeywell
Steve Bellovin Columbia University
Theodore Brown City University of New York
John Clark University of York
Jon Crowcroft Cambridge University
Virgil Gligor University of Maryland
John Ibbotson IBM (UK)
Emma Jones SEA Ltd.
Tom La Porta Pennsylvania State University
Kin Leung Imperial College London
Stephen McCann Roke Manor Research Ltd.
Tom McCutcheon DSTL
John McDermid University of York
Kenny Paterson Cranfield University
Tien Pham Army Research Laboratory
Steven Poltrock Boeing
Alun Preece Cardiff University
Jason Redi BBN Technologies
Nigel Shadbolt University of Southampton
Winston Sieck Advanced Research Associates
Dave Sloggett Working on behalf of LogicaCMG as a consultant
Mani Srivastava University of California Los Angeles
Katia Sycara Carnegie Mellon University
Boleslaw Szymanski Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Don Towsley University of Massachusetts
Ian Whitworth Cranfield University


Alhussein Abouzeid Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
John Allen Honeywell
Abdelmalik Bachir Imperial College London
Prithwish Basu BBN Technologies
Steven Bellovin Columbia University
Chatschik Bisdikian IBM (US)
Joel Branch IBM (US)
Theodore Brown City University of New York
Christopher Burnett University of Aberdeen
Seraphin Calo IBM-US
Lei Chen Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
John Clark University of York
Robert Craven Imperial College London
Jon Crowcroft Cambridge University
Thyagaraju Damarla Army Research Laboratory
Sanmay Das Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Geeth De Mel University of Aberdeen
Zhiguo Ding Imperial College London
David Emele University of Aberdeen
Athanasios Gkelias Imperial College London
Virgil Gligor Carnegie Mellon University
Ivan Ho Imperial College London
Yun Hou Imperial College London
John Ibbotson IBM (UK)
Emma Jones SEA Ltd.
Lance Kaplan Army Research Laboratory
Bong Jun Ko IBM (US)
Jim Kurose University of Massachusetts
Tom La Porta Pennsylvania State University
Thao Le University of Aberdeen
Uichin Lee University of California, Los Angeles
Kin Leung Imperial College London
Erwu Liu Imperial College London
Emil Lupu Imperial College London
Tom Markham Honeywell
Daniele Masato University of Aberdeen
Stephen McCann Roke Manor Research Ltd.
Tom McCutcheon DSTL
Christopher Morrell Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Timothy Norman University of Aberdeen
Kenneth Paterson Cranfield University
Peter Pietzuch Imperial College London
Steven Poltrock Boeing
Alun Preece Cardiff University
Louise Rasmussen Advanced Research Associates
Pankaj Rohatgi IBM (US)
Neil Rowe Army Research Laboratory
Cesar Santivanez BBN Technologies
Kirk Schloegel Honeywell
Christopher Seaman City University of New York
Srinivasan Seshan University of California, Los Angeles
Nigel Shadbolt Southampton University
Winston Sieck Advanced Research Associates
Derek Sleeman University of Aberdeen
Nikoletta Sofra Imperial College London
Mani Srivastava Carnegie Mellon University
Ananthram Swami Army Research Laboratory
Katia Sycara Carnegie Mellon University
David Thornley Imperial College London
Don Towsley University of Massachusetts
Wamberto Vasconcelos University of Aberdeen
Dinesh Verma IBM (US)
Zijian Wang Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Ian Whitworth Cranfield University
Peter Wild Royal Holloway, University of London
Ho Yin Starsky Wong IBM (US)
Jierui Xie Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Murtaza Zafer IBM (US)
Hang Zhao Columbia University
Shouhong Zhu Imperial College London