Demonstration Program

Wednesday, May 16

Session: Demonstration Session 1
Date/Time: Wednesday, May 16 / 1:30 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Location: 306 A/B (PALOLO) and Charlot Courtyard HCC

Agent Trust Evaluation and Team Formation in Heterogeneous Organizations
K.S. Barber, J. Ahn, S. Budalakoti, D. DeAngelis, K. K. Fullam, C. L. D. Jones and X. Sui

F-Trade: An Agent-Mining Symbiont for Financial Services
Longbing Cao and Chengqi Zhang

Disaster Evacuation Support
Christopher J. Carpenter, Christopher J. Dugan, Joseph B. Kopena, Robert N. Lass, Duc N. Nguyen, Evan Sultanik, Pragnesh Jay Modi and William C. Regli

Demonstration of Teamwork in Uncertain Domains using Hybrid BDI/POMDP Systems
Tapana Gupta, Pradeep Varakantham, Timothy W. Rauenbusch and Milind Tambe

Creating Densely Populated Virtual Environments
Ryan McAlinden, Don Dini, Chirag Merchant and Michael van Lent

Thursday, May 17

Session: Demonstration Session 2
Date/Time: Thursday, May 17 / 1:30 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Location: 306 A/B (PALOLO) and Charlot Courtyard HCC

Agent-Based Reduction of Information Density (ARID) Demonstration
Stephen O'Hara and Nathan Dwyer

WS-Agreement Based Resource Negotiation in AgentScape
M.A. Oey, R.J. Timmer, D.G.A. Mobach, B.J. Overeinder and F.M.T. Brazier

Airspace Management of Autonomous UAVs
Osher Yadgar and Regis Vincent

Emergent Ad Hoc Sensor Network Connectivity in Large-Scale Disaster Zones
Osher Yadgar

AUML Protocols and Code Generation in the Prometheus Design Tool
Lin Padgham, John Thangarajah and Michael Winikoff

FearNot! Demo - A Virtual Environment with Synthetic Characters to Help Bullying
Marco Vala, Pedro Sequeira, Ana Paiva and Ruth Aylett

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