how to get the basic e-league setup running.

There are several steps to getting the e-league running in your environment. Note that the setup is based in the Linux environment.

In terms of HARDWARE (in addition to your robots), you will need:

In terms of SOFTWARE, you will need to set up a number of components. Here's a picture of how all the pieces fit together:

Here are the step-by-step instructions for setting up the software.

  1. Install the framegrabber card and link it to /dev/video.

  2. Install the doraemon vision processing software.
    Note that doraemon needs the following some libraries (SDL, SDL_image and SGE), so in case you don't have them, you'll need to install them too.
    1. Install the SDL libraries.
    2. Install the SGE library.


    Install the mezzanine vision processing software.
    Mezzanine uses the GSL 0.9+ (Gnu Scientific Library) and GTK 1.2+ libraries.
    Both libraries are readily available in package form, and can be installed painlessly with apt/yum/up2date.

  3. Install the LEGO USB tower driver and link it to /dev/usb/lego0.

  4. Install the cross compiler for the Hitach h8300 processor (aka, the LEGO RCX) (so you can write control programs to reside on your robots).

  5. Install Jacky's version of brickos (which contains a nice programming interface for the LEGO RCX).

  6. Download the brickos firmware onto the RCX (so that your robot will be able to interpret the brickos programs you write for it).

  7. Install and start up the command server (to send commands from your team process to your robot, in real-time).

You can test the connection from doraemon to a little program by following the instructions here.

You can test the connection from a sample team process to the command server and to the robot by following the instructions here.

Here's a link to a paper that describes some of the formats... eleague.pdf

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