CORC 3303: Exploring Robotics

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course description:
Introduction to programming through the use of project-based educational robotics activities. Students work together in small groups on a series of multi-week creative projects, using robots to address meaningful and socially important issues, such as urban search and rescue or elder care. Along the way, students are introduced to the fundamentals of robotics (including aspects of mechanical design) and elementary programming within a graphical environment.

flash drive:
A USB FLASH drive is required.

recommended textbook (may vary for each section---check with your instructor!):
The Robotics Primer
by Maja Mataric
Publisher: The MIT Press (September 30, 2007)
ISBN-10: 026263354X
ISBN-13: 978-0262633543
Here it is on Amazon in paperback: click for paperback
There is also an e-book version for the Kindle: click for kindle

coursepack and lab book:
A course pack consisting of readings and a lab book is available at:
Far Better Printing & Copy Center (
43 Hillel Place, Brooklyn (right near the Flatbush Avenue entrance to the College), phone: (718)859-3137
Ask for the CORC 3303 Coursepack. (Available after Aug 25.)

schedule of topics:

A Introduction to Robotics1 & 2
B Construction 3 & 4
C Locomotion 5 & 6
D Sensing 7 & 8
E Control 9--11
F Robot Teams 12--14

Core Studies (old) 5 or 5.1 or (new) CORC 1312 (old number CC 3.12) or (Computer and Information Science) CISC 1110 (old number CIS 1.5). Plus, junior standing and satisfaction of the requirements of any three lower-tier core courses.

Your course grade is comprised of the following components: