coming to aamas

all aamas-2004 technical events are being held on the campus of columbia university, on the upper west side of manhattan.

registration/check-in opens monday july 19, 2004 at 8am, in the lobby of lerner hall, which is the building labeled (1) in the lower left corner of the following map (you can click on the map to get a bigger picture):

registration will be open throughout the week, from 8am-6pm, monday through friday.

if you are coming to attend a workshop or tutorial, you will be given information about the location of your workshop/tutorial when you check in at lerner hall.

note that if you are coming to the agent school (on july 17-18) or the doctoral mentoring program (on july 18), you will instead need to register/check-in in the lobby of the cepsr/davis building, which is the building labeled (5) on the upper right corner of the map.

  • for the agent school, registration/check-in opens at 8am on saturday july 17.
  • for the doctoral mentoring program, registration/check-in opens at 8am on sunday july 18.
  • directions to columbia's campus

  • from the new yorker hotel and helpful information for the first-time new york city subway traveler
  • general directions...
    ---by: [car] [bus] [train] [subway]
    ---from airports: [JFK] [La Guardia] [Newark]

    from the new yorker and for the first time metro go-er

    if you are coming to campus from the new yorker hotel, then the easiest way is to take the subway. from the new yorker, you can get to the subway station by going out the front door on 8th avenue and walking one block east, away from the hudson river, along 34th street towards penn station and madison square garden and macy's department store and the empire state building. you want to take the 1 or 9 train heading uptown (north) to 116th street / columbia university.

    the fare is $2 per trip, no matter how far you go. you will need to purchase a ticket (called a metro card and looks like ) from a machine in the station (which take cash, debit and credit cards) or from a person in a little booth (who probably only takes cash). you need to swipe the card at the turnstile in the station to enter (though you don't need it to get out, since the fare is the same price no matter how far you travel).

    the train will stop at: 42nd street (times square), 50th street, 59th street, 66th street (lincoln center), 72nd street, 79th street, 86th street, 96th street, 103rd street and 110th street before reaching 116th street. listen carefully for announcements in case they are doing work on the subway lines. they always announce route changes, though sometimes it's hard to hear what they are saying. ask someone if you don't get the announcement.

    note that there are many places where you can enter the subway near the new yorker hotel. in fact, from the door of the hotel, you will see an entrance to the A and C trains. do not take that entrance because you will have to pay as soon as you get in and then you'll discover that you can't actually get to the 1 or 9 train without exiting the subway and going into penn station, then paying again to enter the 1/9 side of the station. so just make sure that you walk one block to where you see the metro entrance that includes and/or .

    when you get off the subway at the 116th street/columbia station, exit the station by going up the stairs to the street on the right (east) side. then you are on broadway and you will see the main gates to columbia's campus in front of you.

    to get to lerner hall, walk south (with the gates on your left) about one block, to the building where you see a flag hanging down that says "bookstore". that's lerner hall and you should also see aamas 2004 signs there pointing you to the broadway entrance of lerner hall where you can go to register.

    directions from John F. Kennedy (JFK) airport
    directions from La Guardia (LGA) Airport
    directions from Newark (EWR) airport
    reaching the campus by car
    reaching the campus by city bus

    Exact fare of $2.00 is required, payable using coins. Bus drivers cannot accept bills. Transfers to connecting buses are free, and are usually time stamped to the closest hour. New magnetic stripe MetroCards are also available.

    reaching the campus by train

    Trains coming into Manhattan stop at either Pennsylvania (Penn) Station (on the west side, 34th street and broadway) or Grand Central Station (on the east side). If you come into Grand Central Station, then take the shuttle subway across to Penn Station. From Penn Station, follow the directions (above) for subway travel from the New Yorker Hotel.