aamas-04 visa information

Dear International AAMAS attendees:

For traveling to the United States for attending AAMAS'04, please note that the post "9/11" era may require extra travel planning. Visitors should be particularly careful about Visa requirements, and should plan travel well in advance.

We are happy to report that ACM will assist attendees of AAMAS'04 in this matter. Please direct questions regarding visa matters to:

   Irene Frawley
   email: frawley@acm.org
She will assist you in providing letters of invitation for attending AAMAS'04, and may also assist you with other enquiries. Please note that it may take a few days for a letter of invitation to be sent out after it is requested.

For further information on obtaining a U.S. visa, please check out: http://unitedstatesvisas.gov

General Co-chairs