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AAMAS04 welcomes the submission of original research papers centered around the themes of autonomous agents and multiagent systems, particularly those relating to the subject areas mentioned in the call for papers. We encourage theoretical, experimental, methodological, and applications papers. Theory papers should make their relevance to the AAMAS community clear, and applied papers should make their scientific/technical contributions evident. Papers that address isolated agent capabilities per se (such as planning or learning) are discouraged, unless they are placed in the overall context of autonomous agent architectures or of multiagent system organization and performance. Analysis or evaluation are considered highly desirable components of any submission.

In addition to conventional conference papers, we welcome the submission of papers that focus on implemented systems or software or robotic prototypes. These papers require a demonstration of the prototype at the conference and should include a detailed project/system description specifying hardware/software features and requirements.

AAMAS will not accept any paper which, at the time of submission, is under review for or has already been published or accepted for publication in a journal or another conference.

important dates
Electronic Paper and Title Page Submission Deadline: January 16, 2004
Electronic Paper Submission Deadline: January 21, 2004
Paper and Poster Author Notifications Sent: March 23, 2004
Camera-Ready Copy Deadline: April 30, 2004
AAMAS-04 Technical Sessions: July 21-23, 2004

formatting instructions
Submitted papers should be formatted in the two column style of IEEE conference proceedings. An Author Guide simple-layout.txt, simple-layout.pdf, and Latex macros are provided as guidance.

For final versions of accepted papers US Letter paper size (8.5" x 11") will be required. For submissions for review A4 paper size will also be accepted.

If the primary author of the paper is a student, authors should specify this in a footnote on the opening page, so that the paper can be considered for the best student paper award.

If the paper describes an implemented prototype and a demonstration will be provided to the conference if the paper is accepted, authors should specify this in a footnote on the opening page ("A demonstration of this system will be available to be shown at the conference"), so that the paper can be appropriately considered.

Papers must be no longer than 8 pages, including figures and references, when formatted using the specified style. Overlength papers will be rejected. Notification of receipt of the electronic paper will be mailed to the first author (or designated author) soon after receipt. If there are problems with the electronic submission, AAMAS-04 will contact the primary author by email.

instructions for submitting a paper
Only web submissions will be accepted. No email or fax submissions will be accepted.

Note that the electronic submission site is likely to be very busy around the paper submission deadline. You are strongly urged to submit your paper as far in advance of the deadline as possible.

NOTE: the submission web site may be down intermittently between December 29-31, 2003, due to power maintenance activities on the campus at IIIA.

first step: electronic abstract submission
Authors are required to register on the AAMAS-04 paper submission software at (by clicking on the option register as new author on the left column). A login and password will be sent to the author in a subsequent email message. Using this login and password authors should login into the AAMAS-04 software to fill in the electronic abstract form containing an abstract of less than 200 words, the title, authors and keywords of the papers. We require you to do this step before January 16 2004.

second step: paper submission
After (or at the same time) the electronic abstract submission is made, authors are required to submit their electronic papers. To do so, log into the system again using the same login and password given when registered as an author. The only formats allowed for electronic submission are PostScript or PDF (Adobe's Portable Document Format). Papers will not be accepted in any other format (e.g., MS Word) because of compatibility problems between software versions, machines, and nationalities. However, we strongly encourage the submission in PDF format. We cannot accept title pages or papers submitted by e-mail or FAX. Electronic paper submissions must arrive no later than January 21, 2004. Submissions received after this date will not be considered for review.

You can upload your paper at any time, and you can re-upload your paper any time before the submission deadline. To do this, login to the Conference Paper Submission site and click, in the right hand column, on "view own papers". A list of papers you have registered will appear. On the EXTREME RIGHT HAND side of the web page (you may need to scroll the window to the right to see it), there are two "floppy disk" icons. The left one (with an up arrow) is to upload (or re-upload a new version) of your paper. The right one (with a down arrow) is to download the latest version held by the Conference Paper Submission site.

To facilitate the reviewing process, authors will be required to choose one or more appropriate content area keywords from the list below, which will be part of the online paper registration form.

list of area keywords

review process
A Senior Program Committee member will be in charge of supervising the review process of each paper. Three Program Committee members will review each paper. Selection criteria include accuracy and originality of ideas, clarity and significance of results and quality of the presentation. The decision of the Program Committee Chairs will be final and cannot be appealed. Papers selected will be scheduled for presentation and will be printed in the Proceedings. Some papers will also be selected for Poster presentation and will be allocated 2 pages in the Proceedings.

Notification of acceptance or rejection of submitted papers will be mailed to the first author (or designated author) by March 23, 2004. Authors of accepted papers will be provided with an Author Kit from the IEEE Computer Society Press in the first week of April. To ensure a high quality production in both printed and digital formats, the requirements for preparation of files must be strictly adhered to. Only Postscript and PDF files will be accepted, and there will be particular PDF distiller settings specified for preparation of PDF files. Final copy of accepted papers must be received by the publisher in the USA by April 30, 2004. Note that at least one author of each accepted paper is required to register and to attend the conference to present the work.

PLEASE monitor this web site for further submission details or changes.

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