Doctoral Consortium
Program Schedule

Sunday, August 7, 2011
8:40AM-9:00AM Welcome and Introductions
9:00AM-9:40AM Marc Spraragen: Modeling the Effects of Emotion on Cognition
Mentor: Charles Isbell
9:40AM-10:20AM Jens Witkowski: Incentive-Compatible Trust Mechanisms
Mentor: Simon Parsons
10:20AM-10:50AM Break
10:50AM-11:30AM Maria Viviane de Menezes: Model Update for Automated Planning
Mentor: Jeremy Frank
11:30AM-12:10PM Presentation:
Brad Clement: Six Steps to a Successful Research Program
12:10PM-1:30PM Lunch
1:30PM-2:10PM Forrest Bao: The AC(C) Language: Integrating Answer Set Programming and Constraint Logic Programming
Mentor: Jeremy Frank
2:10PM-2:50PM Annie Louis: Predicting Text Quality for Scientific Articles
Mentor: Kiri Wagstaff
2:50PM-3:20PM Break
3:20PM-4:00PM Benjamin Gordon: Developing a Language for Spoken Programming
Mentor: Kiri Wagstaff
4:00PM-4:40PM Srinath Ravindran: Learning with Imprecise Classes, Rare Instances, and Complex Relationships
Mentor: David Aha
4:40PM-5:40PM Panel:
David Aha, Berthe Choueiry, Sven Koenig, Toby Walsh
7:00PM-... Dinner
Directions to the DC dinner will be emailed to all participants and will also be distributed at the DC on Sunday.

Monday, August 8, 2011
9:00AM-9:40AM Hoda Eldardiry: Ensemble Classification for Relational Domains
Mentor: Amy McGovern
9:40AM-10:20AM Yasaman Haghpanah: A Probabilistic Trust and Reputation Model for Supply Chain Management
Mentor: Munindar Singh
10:20AM-10:50AM Break
10:50AM-11:30AM Niyati Chhaya: Joint Inference for Extracting Text Descriptors from Triage Images of Mass Disaster Victims
Mentor: Bill Smart
11:30AM-12:10PM Jeremy Stober: Learning Sensor, Space and Object Geometry
Mentor: Rich Sutton
12:10PM-1:40PM Lunch
1:40PM-2:20PM Nate Derbinsky: Long-Term Declarative Memory for Generally Intelligent Agents
Mentor: David Pynadath
2:20PM-3:00PM Liam MacDermed: Scaling Up Game Theory: Finding Game Theoretic Solutions in Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning
Mentor: Michael Bowling
3:00PM-3:40PM Break/Survey
3:40PM-4:20PM Rhonda Hoenigman: Designing Water Efficient Residential Landscapes with Agent-Based Modeling
Mentor: Berthe Choueiry
4:20PM-5:00PM Nir Pochter: Pruning Techniques in Search and Planning
Mentor: David Smith
5:00PM-6:00PM Panel:
Sonia Chernova, Anika Schumann, Nathan Schurr, Matthew Taylor
6:00PM-6:10PM Farewell/Collect Surveys