Doctoral Consortium
Information for Panelists and Student Participants

There will be two panels, one at the end of each day. Each panel will begin with the panel members introducing themselves followed by topical discussions and then questions from students. Below is a list of the panelists followed by instructions for the panelists and suggestions for the students.

Sunday, August 7, 4:40pm-5:40pm -- The Hiring Process and Finding Funding

Monday, August 8, 5:00pm-6.00pm -- Degree Completion and Job Search

Information for Panelists

The panels will be informal. The panel topics above and questions below are only guidelines to help you think of experiences that you think will be helpful to the students. We do not want you to feel restricted by them at all. It is okay to address topics suggested for the other panel, if students raise the question and/or you have pertinent advice to share. We give students a list of possible questions to think about at the end. Reading those may also help you think of things you'd like to pass along.

Panel format

Introduction: 10 minutes
Take a couple of minutes to describe your career path, including the school(s) you attended. You might fill in with information about the positions or interesting events that influenced your career choices.

Topics: 20 minutes
Spend 5 minutes or less addressing some of the topic questions of the panel below (or related topics/questions). Also, is there anything in particular you wish you knew earlier in your career or as a student?

Open questions: 30 minutes

Panel topic questions for Sunday Aug 7, 2011

Panel topic questions for Monday Aug 8, 2011

Information for Students

You can prepare for these panels ahead of time by looking at panelists' web pages and thinking of things you might want to ask them.

Some questions you might want to ask: