Doctoral Consortium
Information for Student Participants

Here's information to help you prepare for the DC so that you can make the most of it.

You are expected to attend the entire DC. Be sure to be on time for the "Welcome and Introductions" Sunday morning, and be prepared to introduce yourself. You'll benefit from getting to know the other students.

You can find the mentor you've been paired with on the program schedule. We'd strongly encourage you to contact them before AAAI. You may also consider asking if they would like a copy of your slides or other reference material about your project. However, please don't be discouraged if your mentor can't get back to you before the consortium; they may be traveling.

We've tried to make sure that the mentor you've been paired with is familiar with your topic area. That said, your mentor can provide you with advice on a variety of other areas besides the details of your thesis, including academic life, job search questions, work/life balance, and career paths. So take advantage of all they have to offer!